I believe in the power of the kitchen.

I believe in the power of the kitchen. Kitchens build community. Demonstrate love. Relieve tension. Facilitate friendships. Feed bellies. A few years ago, I lived with a sweet southern gal named Melissa (better known to me as MNM). MNM’s a couple years older, married, and much more domestic than I was at the time. She knew how to cook shrimp[…]

Bridge Happenings – March 2017

Here’s a friendly recap of March at The Bridge. Summer Job OpeningsThe Bridge was awarded 6 Summer AmeriCorp positions (4 Summer AmeriCorps VISTA Associate positions for an 8-week term and 2 Summer RefugeeRISE Positions for a 10-week term).  Applications are accepted from now until April 28.  The Summer AmeriCorp positions will work with youth in[…]