we ain’t ever gonna give up

He hadn’t been able to arrange a planter to pull behind the tractor, so Jay had gone at it by hand, trying to beat the coming rain. He had planted about 3,000 feet of sweet corn, and there were another 600 feet left. His young helpers were a group of kids, raking dirt clods out of the way of his hand planter. But, one by one, all the kids lost interest and scattered to play basketball or take a break. As Jay watched them leave, suddenly the planting task seemed too big, the idea seemed foolish, the entire garden seemed immense.

Except there was one kid still beside him, working: a seven-year-old boy who looked up and said, “I ain’t ever gonna give up, Jay. I ain’t ever gonna.” He, a kid with as many challenges and instability factors as any of the rest, yet the heart of a lion and the faith to believe those seeds in his little hands would grow into something worthwhile. He and Jay finished the planting that night.

We’ve repeated that story often in the following months; his will has inspired us all. Because founding a ministry and making something from nothing can be exhausting and overwhelming. It takes courage, stubborn determination, and a faith that looks past the barren rows to the life that will flourish there, by God’s grace.

Would you join this team that ain’t ever gonna give up, this team who walks by faith and sees Storm Lake not just as barren rows, but a place where beauty, purpose, and God’s glory will flourish?

The Bridge will transition from a ministry of Christ For the City International to its own local, 501(c)3 non profit in January 2017. op-janjuol-marWe are launching into this new season on faith with a need for seed money to get us started.

For these reasons, we need to raise $18,135 by the end of this year. It seems big, maybe foolish, and in every way immense. But, we see the promises on the horizon. We see the way God impacts lives through this work, and we ain’t ever gonna give up.

How to give:  Please remember The Bridge in your end-of-year giving. You can donate online at our fundraising website www.thebridge.causevox.com. We will be posting updates and our progress with this annual campaign on The Bridge Facebook page as well.