Boys’ Camping Trip: an opportunity for team work & taking responsibility

The Sons of Honor boys are planning a camping trip on the Buffalo National River in Arkansas on Easter weekend. Jay, a team of adults, and 4 high school youth will be leading the group.

In order to go on the trip, the boys are responsible for planning all aspects of the experience. There are small groups for Food, Supplies & Camp Set Up, Worship & Activities, and Schedule & Finance, led by adults. In describing the motivation for the planning process, Jay said he, “wants the boys to take ownership of the trip and have an opportunity to work as a team.”

In addition to the preparation necessary for the trip, the boys are learning how to fund the trip. They will be hosting a tip night at Pizza Ranch in Storm Lake on Wednesday, March 18th—please come out and support their efforts! Ten percent of sales as well as all tips will go towards the trip.

The boys are also willing to do other odd jobs for people in order to raise money for the trip. Please contact Jay to discuss possibilities. As with the team planning, Jay said, “the purpose in having the boys raise their own money for the trip is to instill a strong sense of responsibility for the trip and just good work ethic overall. This trip is a big deal to the boys and something they are coming together to work for.”

No dates have been set yet for a summer Sons of Honor camp. After this trip, the boys will be responsible for planning for the summer camp as well and inviting their friends. In keeping with The Bridge philosophy on working with youth, Jay said, “we want to give the boys opportunities to be leaders and to develop their potential. They have a lot to contribute, rather than The Bridge just providing activities for them. They are a great group of kids—with a lot of energy!”