Bridge Happenings – March 2017

Here’s a friendly recap of March at The Bridge.

Summer Job Openings
The Bridge was awarded 6 Summer AmeriCorp positions (4 Summer AmeriCorps VISTA Associate positions for an 8-week term and 2 Summer RefugeeRISE Positions for a 10-week term).  Applications are accepted from now until April 28.  The Summer AmeriCorp positions will work with youth in the existing Bridge programs – Neighborhood Centers, Cultivate Training Garden, Endless Sea Coffee Roasting. Please contact The Bridge for more info and/or an application.

Cultivate Training Garden
Garden training classes have been held each Saturday morning at The Bridge for the past 8 weeks, and our first students have graduated! We’re excited to see their progress as well as the multitudes of little plants sprouting in the office windows. Soon enough we’ll be transplanting them into the ground!

There are still a few CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares available! If you’d like a weekly share of our garden’s harvest without all the work of weeding, click here for more info. 

Endless Sea Coffee Roasting
Our first coffee-roasting training class has begun! Our students are learning about the process and all that goes into an amazing cup of coffee. This month, we’re also sampling new coffees from Southeast Asia and planning to add another roast to our line. Finally, another shop, The Coffee Tree, is carrying Endless Sea Coffee.

Neighborhood Centers
As the weather gets warm, the activity increases outside in the neighborhoods! There’s plenty of games and fun each day. Also, Jess and Khorina are visiting different neighborhoods each week to connect with families there. They have a variety of activities from crafts, to games, to telling Bible Stories. If you’d ever like to stop by or hang out with the youth, please email Jessica at for more details.

The Boys weekly Bible Study is wrapping up in the next couple of weeks and they’ll be celebrating with a grill-out. This past semester they have been acting out different stories and reading in the Action Bible. The Girls weekly Bible Study is continuing to through two different studies Lies Young Women Believe and Life in 6 Words: G.O.S.P.E.L. They will be wrapping up before June and hope to celebrate with a picnic and games outside.