To Be an Advocate — Part One

One day on the playground last year, I was at my wits end to know how to handle an intense situation. Several girls ranging from 10-13 were having an explosive argument that was getting everyone’s attention. As I urged the younger children to keep playing, I walked over to try to find out what was[…]

This Next Season-March Bridge Bulletin

MARCH 2018 Anne Dahlhauser, The Bridge of Storm Lake’s co-founder and visionary stepped down from her role as CEO, effective March 1. It is Anne’s desire to pass the baton to other capable leaders as well as pursue opportunities utilizing her background in Spanish and English education. She writes, “…I pray for God’s peace and[…]

The Stories We Find Ourselves In

You can usually tell what I’m going through or thinking about by the books I read. There are points in my life that require memoirs, young adult fiction, novels, or some good ole children’s lit. The same is true for my Netflix history. Some nights call for a ‘90s rom-com while others need a serious[…]

Leaning In and Stepping Out

Vulnerability. This is something I’ve been pushing into lately. It’s a scary topic. It’s a necessary component for any sort of healthy relationship. With God, others, and especially self. This month’s theme for The Bridge is reconciliation with self. Finding your place in God’s story. “Making our way back to the Garden” and seeing ourselves[…]

My True Name

We live in a community of challenging names. Names difficult to pronounce. Hard to spell. Confusing to remember. There are sounds my mouth doesn’t know how to make. My tongue doesn’t want to cooperate with foreign phonetics. My ears don’t always pick up on the dialect distinctions. In Storm Lake, names get butchered. Forgotten. Replaced.[…]

I believe in the power of the kitchen.

I believe in the power of the kitchen. Kitchens build community. Demonstrate love. Relieve tension. Facilitate friendships. Feed bellies. A few years ago, I lived with a sweet southern gal named Melissa (better known to me as MNM). MNM’s a couple years older, married, and much more domestic than I was at the time. She knew how to cook shrimp[…]