2014 Theme: Christ Alone, Cornerstone

By Jay Dahlhauser, Director

I’ve done a lot of building over the years. Just recently, while I was building the Habitat for Humanity house, I came to realize again the significance of laying a good foundation for the construction of the rest of the home, namely the foundation corner. As we built, we always needed to return to that cornerstone in order to establish a measurement and bring all aspects of the construction into alignment.

Over the past year, we’ve certainly done a lot of building in this ministry, by God’s grace. The theme of 2013 was “Transformation,” and I believe God miraculously transformed many hearts through The Bridge. Yet, as with any building project, there are always areas which aren’t exactly lining up or in precisely the right place. Adjustments are always necessary during the building process in order to keep the construction fully aligned and precise.

At this time, I believe God is asking us, as The Bridge ministry, to come back to the cornerstone- the original mission, the heart, and passion behind this organization. He’s asking me, and each of us, to intentionally reflect on why these programs have been established, why these relationships have been built, and why we do what we do. In doing so, I went back to our mission statement, which is “to share God’s love by nurturing relationships, standing in the gap, and promoting hope.” The first part of that mission stood out to me the most. I believe “sharing God’s love” is the cornerstone on which everything else must be built in this ministry. It is His love, His supernatural love which was made evident through the sending of Jesus Christ, that we are commissioned to share in this community.

For that reason, the theme of 2014 will simply be “CORNERSTONE,” as a call to go back to the basics and to work towards a unified alignment of all areas of this ministry, to His glory. Our theme verse for the year will be 1 Peter 2:6:

“See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who believes in Him will never be put to shame.”

Throughout the year, we will be challenged to come back to this concept in every program, old and new, and to reflect on our God-given purpose in it. We will seek to bring each endeavor of The Bridge into alignment with that mission, grounded on the Word of God. May we never forget for what purpose this ministry exists: it is to share God’s love and to ultimately glorify Him… Christ alone, our Cornerstone