Friendly people needed for Food Distribution

There is a need for additional people willing to serve in the Monday night Food Distribution!

While there is a group of regular volunteers who pack and distribute food, there is also an opportunity for more people to be involved out on the floor, interacting with those waiting for food. These volunteers are there to welcome and extend hospitality!

Recently, there has been a couple church groups coming to fill this need, and it has been a great blessing. Donna Musel, Food Ministry Coordinator, shared:

“Having more people out in the room to pray with, talk with, and interact with the people has been wonderful!!  Such a huge (and needed) change!!  I can’t even begin to explain how different it feels with more people out there ministering to the people.”

Would you or a group from your church like to volunteer in this area as well?
  • If you haven’t attended a Volunteer Orientation, you’ll need to do so before beginning. Just email and ask about our next orientation.
  • If you have already attended a Volunteer Orientation, you are ready to start! Just email and let Renato know you are interested in being a “friendly person” at the next Food Distribution! 🙂