Having Faith

The past two months I’ve been able to have the privilege of having N.D. as an intern from Storm Lake High School. As a senior wanting to pursue Communications & Journalism in further education, it has been fun to teach her aspects of Communications that I have learned in college and through life experiences. We’ve gone through a little graphic designing and publications through social media, email, and blogs. She’ll continue to help within communications through her AmeriCorps RefugeeRise program here. Her next two projects are telling people’s stories, how The Bridge has positively impacted them and creating a video how-to on packaging our Endless Sea Coffee. She’s a vibrant young women with a very creative head on her shoulders. With this creativity and her passion for people, she is an up-coming world changer! Below is a project she worked on, where I asked her to read other blogs, find one she could relate to that also connects with The Bridge, and to write a piece about it. Enjoy this story along with her!

– Jessica Skelton, Communications


Humans of New York, has been on of my favorite online pastimes for the past few years. Their ability to find and share these amazing stories in a true and honest way has really made me want to share my own story someday. This story about being a refugee and the struggles and hardships that they go though really shows their resiliency in these difficult situations. Here’s a link to an inspirational story.



The reason I chose this story was that through every trial and tribulation that Muhammad went though, he has never given up. He persevered because he knew he had hope that his life would get better. The sacrifices that he had made for his family reminded me of ones that I had to make in my own personal life. I hope this story gives more perspective to Muhammad and many stories that are like his. I am glad to have come across this story because this gives me hope that in faith, when you least expect it, things can get better.