Hospitality Is War | Desiring God

Christian hospitality isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s an act of warfare against sin and Satan.

God has a habit of waging war with strange weapons. He fought Egypt with frogs, gnats, and boils. He defeated the Midianite army with Gideon’s clay pots and torches. Strangest of all, he defeated sin and death using a tree. So, it should be no surprise to us that Jesus calls us to take up forks and spoons to fight back Satan and his legions.

Brothers and sisters, hospitality is war.

Source: Hospitality Is War | Desiring God

Do you remember the picnic scene in The Chronicles of Narnia’s The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe? The one where a group of woodland creatures is having a gay ole time in the forest eating together, dancing to music, and dare I say laughing. It’s a great picture of this threatening hospitality. In the midst of oppression, war, and endless winter, these animals gathered for a joyous time of fellowship, though the queen saw it as straight up insurrection, defiance, and rebellion. Their armory was filled with forks, laughter, and melodies, weapons more threatening to her reign than any sword or shield.

People, I implore you to gather some neighbors, coworkers, and friends to fight. Share a meal. swap embarrassing stories. look at family photo albums. gather ’round a piano or guitar. play a game. ask questions. If you eat food or drink coffee/tea, there is always an opportunity to gather and fight against the world saying we’re too busy for intentional time with people. Here’s to your sinks piled high with dirty dishes, your bellies full of good food, and your hearts happy with new friendships.

By Hannah Zimmerman