Introducing the 2014 Summer Team

Each year we say,

“This is it. This Summer Team is really it. They are doing an amazing job!”


And, we are right. Every year!

This year’s Summer Team has been super fun to get to know and a blessing to have serving here.

Summer Team

They meet each morning for planning and prep, as they each are responsible for different areas of the summer youth program. After lunch, they are split into two groups, with one group going to Seneca Center and the other to Park Center. They take turns packing food for The Bridge’s Food Ministry and helping at Food Distribution on Monday evenings. In the evenings, they spend time working with high school and middle school students, do Neighborhood Nights on Thursdays, and we have a Team Meal together on Fridays.

They are a dedicated and hard-working group!

And, thankfully, they have a good sense of humor!


Keep praying for a wonderful summer at The Bridge with many lives impacted by God’s love!