“My New Retirement!” {by Jill Engelmann}

By Jill Engelmann

My husband, Bruce, and I have lived in the Storm Lake area our whole lives, and we have watched it change drastically right in front of our eyes. As most of you know, Storm Lake has around 30 different language groups. It seems to us that the Lord has brought the nations to us, so we had to ask ourselves:

What we were going to do about it?

We decided to get involved with The Bridge in Storm Lake, and we are so blessed to be a part of this ministry. Over two years ago, I started volunteering weekly in The Bridge office, helping with office needs and some of the publications. I enjoy attending Neighborhood nights, helping with summer camps, meeting for prayer, going to Monday night Food Distribution, and many other activities with The Bridge. Bruce and I also serve as neighborhood advocates for Park Center. We meet weekly with Renato and Nellie in order to support and pray for them, and we help lead a weekly Bible study at Park Center.

It has been so much fun and challenging at the same time! The joy is getting to know people and finding out about their lives and hearts. They are not just a face; they are a person the Lord created and loves!

The challenge for me is communication – I am struggling with Spanish. The weekly Bible study at Park Center has been one of the more difficult ministries the Lord has called us to. This past summer, we were the only ones in a group of 8-12 people who didn’t speak Spanish. We met 6 blocks from our home, and I felt like I was in a different country. Yet, what a joy to be a part of! God blessed us with amazing people to study His word with, as well as talented people to translate for us “gringos!”

The Lord continues to lead me “out of my comfort zone” and earlier this month I attended Orientation and Training with Christ for the City International in Omaha. I’ve been approved as a base missionary for The Bridge of Storm Lake. I am not sure exactly how the Lord will use this, but I am willing to serve where He calls me – this is my new retirement!