Leaning In and Stepping Out

Vulnerability. This is something I’ve been pushing into lately. It’s a scary topic. It’s a necessary component for any sort of healthy relationship. With God, others, and especially self. This month’s theme for The Bridge is reconciliation with self. Finding your place in God’s story. “Making our way back to the Garden” and seeing ourselves the way God created us to be.

Serving at The Bridge in communications and design was my first job out of college. I expected to learn about newsletters, event planning, and the intricacies of branding and nonprofit work. While, I learned all of those things, worked on a team, and developed my design skills, that’s certainly not the biggest takeaway from my time at The Bridge. I’ve explored my personality, strengths, weaknesses, and giftings as an individual and within a team. I have experienced conflict and muddled my way through how to deal with that in the best way. I’ve shared my story and been loved in spite of it. I’ve figured out how I best connect with God and what I need to refresh myself. These are the subjects they didn’t teach in college. The lessons you just have to experience to understand. The things I will remember throughout my life.

All this isn’t to say it’s been rainbows and butterflies. It’s been a difficult journey to step back from perfectionism and practice authenticity more. To not attach my value to what people think of my designs, yet have the courage to put them out there anyway. To take the risk of honesty and real-talk rather than my people-pleasing tendencies. To be the me God intended me to be.

This has lead me to a new season of growth. At the end of this month, I am moving on from The Bridge and pursuing God’s leading elsewhere. This is my next step toward the Garden. Being honest about my calling and courageous in my vulnerability. What’s yours?

Written by Hannah Zimmerman

Youth Advocate and Design