Looking forward to Summer Camps for Girls


MASTERPIECES “seeks to equip 5th/6th grade girls with an understanding of their value and image in Christ.” These girls meet each Tuesday evening for Bible study, and their camp will be July 14-18 in the mornings.


MOSAIC “seeks to nurture 7th,8th & 9th grade girls in their cultivation of healthy relationships with Christ and with others.” These girls also meet on Tuesdays for Bible study. Their camp will be the same week, July 14-18, in the afternoons.


If you would like more information about Masterpieces or Mosaic or if you’d like to volunteer to help at the camps and/or the weekly Bible study, please contact us! office@thebridgeofstormlake.com


*Note: The summer camp “Summer Sizzle” is no longer offered. It has been split into 2 separate camps according to ages in order to best accommodate the number of campers.