One Word. Gratefulness

          One. Word. At our first staff meeting at the start of 2019, we were talking about our “One Word” for the year while drinking some fresh Endless Sea Coffee. This “One Word” has become a new trend in our society over the past few years. Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, you pick one word to journey through over the next year, maybe it’s a characteristic you’d like to develop or see missing in your lives, or maybe it’s a characteristic in someone else who has inspired you. Your word could be boldness, faithfulness, experience, joy, focus, present, intentional or any other word you might like.

         Now, our society is very concerned with identity and our appearances, so this tool isn’t to make ourselves look better, but instead to journey with God as He is molding us into His image. As Floyd McClung puts it, “Our identity is not based on our behavior. Our identity is based on the fact that He has created us in His image. And when we come to Him, He recreates us in His image.” That’s what this One Word is, journeying with God in how He is recreating us in His image. This is going to be an exciting year at The Bridge, as it seems it is every year. A freshness, something new and wonderful as we keep transitioning into the next chapter. Along with challenges, struggles, and frustrations of course. But we’re in this together. So take joy in the journey, intentionally looking for the everyday divine, as our One Word brings us closer to being recreated in His Image.

          Although we don’t have a word for The Bridge Organization yet, our word to you for this month is – GRATEFULNESS. We, at The Bridge of Storm Lake, are so thankful for YOU. If you are receiving this letter, you have given to The Bridge at some point in 2018. Whether it was monthly or one-time, no matter how much the amount, we are thankful for you and your financial support.  If you’d like to help us build our sustainability in 2019, consider becoming a monthly donor at Your support this past year and in the future allows us to Connect, Support, and Empower youth in Storm Lake, run our Enterprises- Cultivate Training Garden and Endless Sea Coffee, transport youth to Youth Nights and other programs, have a Summer Team, plan and go on trips building resiliency with youth, and too many more opportunities to count. For all of this and much much more we would like to say thank you
for your generosity!

Written by Jessica Skelton
January 15, 2019
Youth Advocate & Communications