Sowing Seeds in the Cultivate Training Garden

“They are planning to sell the Cultivate Garden land behind our house.”

We were at our weekly morning prayer group when Jay delivered the news. He had received a phone call the night before, and it came down to this: we may no longer have the 5-acres of land behind Seneca Center for our Cultivate Training Garden.

The owners, who had so graciously allowed us to use the land for the past years, needed to sell it. We could buy the land, hope for a lease, or find 5-acres somewhere else. Finding new land was tricky because the land behind Seneca Center was ideal for kids being able to play in the dirt, plant seeds, take care of the vegetables, and watch their hard work grow. It is such an accessible place for the kids to come and, it has become the definition of doing tangible, everyday discipleship and training right where the youth are.

Our hearts sank, as we knew everything we were planning for summer just days before was now up in the air, including Phillip and Gedeon’s planning, as well as the Garden Training classes and the CSA shares.

Despite all of the emotions and questions, we know that God is in control. We are grateful for having had the opportunity to use the land for the past years, and we trust God will continue to provide for His work and these kids.

We decided as a team to go ahead with the Cultivate Training Garden planning. We prayed and continued to walk in faith.

The next week Jay came to our weekly prayer time with some exciting news: a woman, unaware of our situation, had approached Jay and said their family wanted to let The Bridge use their land. It is 5 acres, and it’s located behind Tulip Center (Bob and Natalie Schaller’s home). It’s the exact amount of land, and it’s accessible to the youth already involved with The Bridge. God had provided!

The Cultivate Training Garden plan is moving full speed ahead. We still have hope and dreams for the land behind Seneca Center, and we would love to have a garden there, but we’ll sow seeds wherever God gives us fertile soil to do so.

Would you like garden-fresh produce without the work of weeding this summer?

We are offering a CSA Subscription through our Cultivate Training Garden. Become a member of The Bridge of Storm Lake’s Cultivate CSA (CSA = Community Supported Agriculture) and pick up a box of fresh, local, and chemical-free vegetables each week this summer. The CSA will run from the end of May to August 7.
Full $300 [for 2-4 people], $25/week for 12 weeks
Half $200 [for 1-2 people], $16.67/week for 12 weeks
Check out our brochure here!

To purchase, fill out this handy form and send a check to

The Bridge at P.O. Box 181 or stop by the office, located at 529 Seneca St.

For more information, contact Phillip at
or 712.213.0195.