The Vision of the Endless Sea – January Bulletin



Provision in a Time of Need

After seeing  what we raised at the Banquet (about 52% of our goal), we began praying and planning to see what God was doing. With that amount raised, our finances would last us until the end of January. Therefore we started another annual campaign. You probably got our letter in the mail to #savethebridge. It sounded desperate because we were – desperate to see what God was doing, desperate for His guidance to create a better financial situation. And the response of our community and friends blew us away.  Today the growth of our enterprises, summer programs, and bible studies are continuing in existence because of your giving. And for that we thank you! You help this mission to support, connect, and empower youth with intentionality.


In January, we’re looking to gain monthly supporters, people who will commit to giving each month whether it’s a big or small amount. This will help sustain The Bridge until the Enterprises can carry the weight of covering more operational costs. A steady group of donors would also allow us to spend less time and energy focusing on coordinating fundraising events. Would you like to join a monthly team of donors for The Bridge, if so please email Jessica at Thanks again for your generosity!


The Vision of the Endless Sea

         When you walk into the coffee roasting room on a Monday afternoon, you might see six new faces of RefugeeRISE AmeriCorps members serving here at The Bridge. The growth of the Endless Sea Enterprise has tripled in personnel since last October. Terry Prickett, serving part-time, helps lead the roasting and expansion of the program. We have five high schoolers who have been a part of The Bridge sometime in the past 1-5 years. The girls, Pasha, Nyamal, and Phoebe have been a part of Seneca Neighborhood Center when they were younger, attended Middle School Girls Bible Study weekly, and participated as Junior Vistas this past summer. Phuong got connected with the coffee roasting while his brother Khoi was here. And Andy just started being a part of The Bridge last summer, when he was invited by a friend to come help at the Cultivate Garden.  


Many accomplishments have been made in these short three months, as new people  have learned how to roast coffee on their own. Jay taught Terry, who taught Phuong, who taught Nyamal. These six members bring joy, enthusiasm, and laughter as they come. They’re excited to see how we can get Endless Sea Coffee into more businesses and create a coffee subscription process. If you enjoy serving good coffee to your customers or friends and want to support the youth involved in Endless Sea Coffee, please let Terry know at


“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather the wood, divide the work, and give them orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery