Two Wooden Stools and a Water Cooler

Last week, Jyoti* and I met in the coffee roasting room with Khoi, our coffee expert, for our first Coffee-Roasting Class. With two wooden stools and a water cooler as our seats, we sat down to learn about the chemistry of roasting coffee.

Did you know that coffee-roasting is such an intricate process? The timing combined with heat temperature makes a huge difference in how well the coffee is roasted.

We learned that the whole process of roasting coffee, from the moment the bean goes into the roaster to when it is finished, should take somewhere around 13 minutes. And then Khoi said something to Jyoti that I won’t forget:

“Enough about coffee, I want to know about you. Tell me about yourself.”

In a matter of two seconds, the tables turned from just being a class about coffee chemistry to a relationship between us all, sharing our lives. The next twenty minutes were filled with stories and laughter. We talked about class habits, college, and shared plenty of stories.

As I sat there listening to Khoi and Jyoti talk about the idea of college, I thought to myself,

“This is holistic ministry. This is where the boundaries start to come down and the love for one another starts to go up.” This is why I love serving at The Bridge. I love looking for and being a part of these everyday opportunities.

To me, a cup of coffee not only represents a bean that has been roasted to perfection but also a symbol of friendship, of doing life together.

*name has been changed

Jessica Skelton: Youth Advocate and Spiritual Development