Update on Tulip Center: Help and prayers needed

A great deal has been happening at Tulip Center and in Bob and Natalie’s lives in the past months!

Bob is now nearly halfway through his chemo treatments and is doing well. You can read more updates at his Caring Bridge page here. And they just celebrated 8 years of marriage. And, their son just turned two. AND, their new baby is due next week.

And, ONE MORE THING: It’s time for them to move into Tulip Center!

The challenge is that Bob and Natalie need to be out of their rental by July 1st and the Center is not completely ready to be lived in. Work continues in the basement, and it’s not feasible to live there while still doing construction, considering the new baby and Bob’s health.

So, they will move just their things into the top floor of the house this Saturday – and volunteers are needed!

Then, Bob and Natalie will leave for Omaha sometime this Sunday. They will still stay in Omaha, as Bob has chemo and a Pet scan to determine the status of the cancer and if radiation is necessary or not. Please pray for a clear scan!

Also, their baby is due that same week, so they will likely deliver the baby in Omaha. Pray for God to handle all aspects of this big week and for a healthy new baby!

CAN YOU HELP OUT? We are looking for extra volunteers this week for Bob and Natalie. If you can help in any of the following ways please contact office@thebridgeofstormlake.com asap:

1. Wednesday (tomorrow) – painting
2. All week – working on building stairs and deck (in order to be able to move in). If you have deck-building skills, they could definitely use your help this week.
3. Moving Day is this Saturday, June 28! Extra hands are needed. There is no need to call ahead – just show up at 316 Michigan at 9am.

Thank you all for your loving support and prayers! God bless you.