Endless Sea Coffee

      Endless Sea Coffee is coffee from around the world, roasted fresh at The Bridge of Storm Lake as a training opportunity for youth. This effort develops vision and practical skills in young people for future job opportunities, and it provides the community with high-quality, fresh, and locally-roasted coffee beans.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather the wood, divide the work, and give them orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Middle school, high school, and college students have the chance to learn the intricacies of coffee roasting as well as accounting, business, promotion, sales, data entry, customer service, and many life skills alongside adult mentors. Through this, skills are developed and youth are given a solid reason to envision a bright vision for themselves.

Most importantly, Endless Sea Coffee provides a way to embrace the "everyday divine" - using routine moments and an ordinary job setting to work alongside young people in a way that brings God glory.

About Endless Sea Coffee

How to Purchase

INDIVIDUAL BAGS: Bags (12oz for $12, or sample bags for $2) can be purchased at The Bridge office and at Storm Lake Bakery.

REGULAR SERVICING: The Bridge can provide large quantities of freshly roasted coffee beans at a discounted price for businesses, churches, and organizations to serve on a regular basis.

WHOLESALE: The Bridge roasts beans for wholesale for coffee vendors and businesses to sell. For more info on large orders/wholesale, please contact Chelsea at (712) 213-0195 or chelsea@thebridgeofstormlake.com.

Tours & Sampling

Have a group that wants to learn more about our coffee? Contact us to set up a time for a tour and sampling. The newly designed coffee space is also available for rent.

Please contact us at712-213-0195 or office@thebridgeofstormlake.com

Coffee Specifics

The majority of Endless Sea Coffee is single-origin coffee which showcases the unique flavors of its origin:

Village- light roast from Ethiopia, organic

New Day Dawning - light-medium roast from Guatemala, fair-trade, organic

Sobremesa - decaffeinated, medium roast from Mexico, fair-trade, organic

Front Porch - medium-dark roast from Brazil

Storm Lake Blend - dark roast of beans from around the world